Pic story: rural vitalization of Baodi, Tianjin

Source: Xinhua| 2021-09-08 21:32:06|Editor: huaxia

Li Chao orders ingredients for the next day on his cellphone after a day's work in Xiaoxinmatou Village of Baodi District in Tianjin, north China, Sept. 2, 2021. Li Chao is a post-90s born in Xiaoxinmatou Village in Baodi District. Located by the Chaobai River, the village used to witness an outflow of young people, as villagers made a living by traditional fishing and farming with low income. Like his young fellows, Li chose to be a migrant worker in the city for higher income. Waiter, chef, assembly line worker, security guard and salesman...the diligent man tried his hand at a variety of jobs over the past years, roving the city. In 2013, Li came back to his hometown to get married. A marvelous discovery for him, the small village has been transformed after renovation. Lucid waters, newly-built parks and neat farmyards...all the factors give the village characteristics and advantages to develop rural tourism industry. Witnessing the great changes, Li decided to stay and start an agritainment business in hometown. With the support of a host of favorable policies, the young man started a homestay business and soon expanded it due to excellent trading. "Better environment attracts a growing flow of tourists. During the peak season, rooms in my farmyard will be soon fully booked." Li said, who has been selected as a village commission member. "Now that I have been a member of the village commission, I'd like to do my best and help more fellow villagers to live a comfortable life." (Xinhua/Sun Fanyue)

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