GLOBALink | Foreign expats take "red tour" to explore CPC history in China's Tianjin

Source: Xinhua| 2021-10-13 15:00:51|Editor: huaxia

Over 30 foreign expats from 16 countries have visited some historical sites in north China's Tianjin Municipality to learn the history of the Communist Party of China and the early spread of Marxism in the country.

Young Chinese initiated the May 4th Movement in 1919, a patriotic campaign to fight imperialism and feudalism, which was responded positively in Tianjin at that time.

In September 1919, student groups in Tianjin established the Awakening Society to promote new ideas, including science, democracy and Marxism.

The site of the Awakening Society was rebuilt into an exhibition hall, displaying relics, pieces of historical documents and photos.

"After knowing the history of such amazing efforts of the Awakening Society, I am so overwhelmed", said Yasra from the Tianjin Qiai Training Company Limited.

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