GLOBALink | Documentary on China's approach to democracy, freedom and human rights to be released

Source: Xinhua| 2021-12-07 08:35:39|Editor: huaxia

Ordinary people, extraordinary stories.

In Beijing, a group of university volunteers strive to help the visually impaired "hear" a movie. Can a world that is heard be the same with one that is seen?

In Shanghai, a mail courier is tasked with delivering the voice of the people. When the people speak, the country listens.

In the Daliang Mountains of Sichuan, a slow train is operating as it had been for decades, witnessing the history and changes along its tracks

In Minqin, Gansu, grass-covered sand dunes are like chessboards, on which men outmaneuvers desertification.

In Wenling, Zhejiang, why did a man erupt in anger during a consultation meeting?

In Wuhan, Hubei, how has a photo inspired a touching symphony between two unlikely partners?

The documentary "Pursuing Common Values of Humanity: Chinese Stories on Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights" was jointly produced by Xinhua News Agency and its think tank, Xinhua News Agency New China Research.

The six stories document not only the pursuit of China but also of the entire world.

Coming soon to you.

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