8 IS militants killed in northern Iraq

Source: Xinhua| 2021-10-02 00:30:43|Editor: huaxia

BAGHDAD, Oct. 1 (Xinhua) -- Eight militants of Islamic State (IS) were killed in an airstrike on Friday in the northern province of Kirkuk, the Iraqi military said.

The Iraqi security forces conducted an airstrike on an IS hideout after a force from the Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) tracked the militants and spotted their hideout in the province, Yahia Rasoul, spokesperson of the commander-in-chief of the Iraqi forces, said in a statement.

The airstrike killed eight IS militants and destructed the hideout, Rasoul said.

Over the past few months, IS militants have intensified attacks on the Iraqi security forces in the provinces IS previously controlled, leaving dozens dead and wounded.

The security situation in Iraq has been improving since the Iraqi forces defeated IS in 2017. However, IS remnants have since melted into urban centers, deserts, and rugged areas, carrying out frequent guerilla attacks against the security forces and civilians. Enditem

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